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Sports Injury Treatments in Honolulu, HI

Sports Injury Chiropractor Dr. Luke has been trained by Olympic Doctors in Colorado Springs Colorado at the USA Olympic training site.

His specialties include Sports Injury adjusting and treating the shoulder, neck, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, back, knee, ankle and foot.

The adjustments of the extremities is a remarkable and wonderful treatment that gets fantastic results. The results you get are increased strength, range of motion, increased sports performance, and, yes, removal of pain.

Common symptoms that we treat are shoulder strains/sprain,  frozen shoulder, neck pain, elbow strain/sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip problems, knee strains/sprains, back pain, chronic joint irritations.

Injuries are an inevitable, natural consequence of sports and exercise. Don't choose to live with unnecessarily prolonged pain-- call us today to expedite your healing process and return to the sports and functional activities you love.

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Look over our Services & Techniques page to understand exactly what we can do to help you and your health starting today. Feel free to call us at (808) 591-2400 to ask us any questions or easily set up an appointment. It's time you started living well again!

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "May says, Dr. Luke is the Best Chiropractor Doctor, I have gone to in all my life. Before seeing Dr. Luke, I used to receive massages and I took Advil daily. I had symptoms of lower back pain, headaches, and pain in my abdomen. Dr. Luke and his style of Chiropractic relieved my headaches and lower back pain; Chiropractic has made me feel much better since I started adjustments with Dr. Luke. Event the pain in my abdomen is gone. I never thought another Chiropractor would be beneficial but I found out that Dr. Luke is the Best that there is. He does make a huge difference and would recommend Dr. Luke to everyone. Thank You, Dr. Luke!"
    May & Zen Abe
  • "I am a professional landscaper constantly using my back and body my work is very physical. With severe back pain especially in my lower back area. I would tell anyone the importance of proper alignment, which leads to a good physical body. Your body needs correction and you must take the steps to correct your problem. Whoever hesitates to correct the body's misalignment will lead to malfunctioning and a crippled body. Dr. Luke adjusted my body to have correct alignment. I'm back to work and good to go. Mahalo, Dr. Luke!"
    Edward Chang